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Welcome to the ” European Open Data Week “

Today, we live in a world surrounded by data without always being keenly aware of it. Yet the exponential development of the amount of data produced on the Internet and via digital equipments, directly impacts the lives of all connected citizens: on mobility, culture, environment, education, tourism or city life!
Data is not only the business of Open Data experts, therefore we invite researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs, non profits, pioneers, and all citizens who are curious ! to a whole week of free and public events.

Workshops, conferences, and mapping parties will help us get familiar with data, understand the skills that are necessary in order to process, analyze, visualize, and coproduce data. This will also allow us to discover innovative economic and social projects, do a survey on current scientific research, benefit from the feedback from those of us who’ve had foreign country experience, and address all of questions and concerns you might have.

Check-out the 4 highlights of our program and sign-up !